Source Control


Pandium enables you to easily manage the CI/CD of your integrations through a process labeled source control. Within the Pandium Admin Dashboard, you'll see a source control tab in the Admin settings where you can set up and manage this process. Source Control will be automatically deployed to your account, but in order to utilize the source control process, you will need to create a source control tenants by connecting to your version control system. We currently support four different version control systems: Azure, Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab. Please contact Pandium support if you are utilizing a different system.

Source Control Tenants

Creating a source control tenant through this process will allow Pandium to read your repo in order to create releases (aka versions) of your integration. Every time this is run, thereby building a new release, Pandium reads the code at the end of each path assigned to integrations within your Pandium namespace. If there has been a change to the code for any integration, Pandium will store an image of that configuration of the integration and create a new release for you to use when configuring tenants.

Setting Up Source Control

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the source control tab within the Admin Settings resource on the sidebar.
  2. 2.
    Connect to your desired repository by hitting 'Connect' next to the repository name.
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    If you have not prepared the integration you want to use yet, you're all set, and you can build releases later from this screen, or from the integration detail page after creating an integration.
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    If the integration you want to build a release for is already set up, you can select it from the dropdown below the connection options, and name your release via a tag. Then, you can build a new release. The source control looks for the URL paths in your repository denoted in your integration configuration and will build a new release based on changes in the code base. This sync can be set to run on a schedule but many prefer to run it manually as needed.
The Source Control page in Admin Settings
You can also build a release directly from an integration's detail page, by selecting the 'Build Release' button on the page. As long as your Source Control has been connected and the repository information is correct in the integration settings, this will start the build for a new release, which you can track the progress of in the table on the Source Control tab page.
Example of an integration detail page