What Companies Use Pandium For

  • Launch highly configurable, reusable, and dynamic native integrations.

  • Automate release management. Release management options and versioning within the platform make it easy to update your integrations and track changes.

  • Set customer-specific deployment without having to build the infrastructure to enable and manage this.

  • Give customers the ability to build custom user experiences with the Pandium API.

  • Deploy integrations to specific customers or empower clients to discover and install integrations via an embedded In-App Marketplace UI in your app.

  • Showcase your ecosystem of integrations and partners to customers, partners, and prospects via our In-App Marketplace and Public Gallery products.

  • Give customers more visibility into their integrations and enable them to install apps, manage configurations, define sync schedules, and view logs via a customizable marketplace experience.

  • Manage relationships with technology partners. Invite partners to submit integrations, marketing materials, and documentation for their tile within your marketplace.

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