Partner Form

What is a Partner Form?

Pandium provides the option to create a form that partners must submit when signing into Pandium for the first time. When creating partners, it can be useful to ask specific questions or have them agree to Terms of Service before submitting any integrations for review.

Using the Partner Form

This form can be enhanced by clicking '+ Add Field'. You can then choose a type, either 'Terms and Conditions' or 'Text Input'. If partners need to confirm Terms and Conditions, host your Terms at a publicly accessible URL, paste it into the field, and select 'Terms and Conditions' as the type. Then, set the 'required' toggle as desired. Invited partners must check a Confirm box with this option before being able to complete the form.

A Text Input field type will keep the field as a basic string input field, enabling custom questions to be set. There is also the option to add descriptor text to these options if desired. Save the form, and it will then be set for all invited partners going forward.

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