Pokémon of the Day, Part 1

Congratulations - The Pokémon Trainer Academy has hired you to develop integrations to run on the Pandium they just bought!

The Academy has noticed that many of their students confine themselves to just a few favorite Pokémon when it's better to train a wider variety. To address this they need you to write an integration that will send educational messages to the trainers about the many different Pokémon they could work with.

Here are the features the Academy wants in the finished integration:

  • On a normal run it will identify & fetch the Pokémon of the day and then send a Slack message about it to the Academy's Pokémon trainers.

  • The integration will not send a message about the same Pokémon twice.

Here's what you will get to do along the way:

  • Create your first integration on the Pandium Integration Hub.

  • Connect your Pandium integration to a remote repository where you will keep its code.

  • Create a tenant for the integration which will run your code.

  • Connect that tenant to your Slack account.

  • Fill out your integration's remote repository with your own TypeScript code.

  • Make several releases for your integration with different versions of your code.

  • Set a schedule for how often your tenant will run.

  • Run the tenant so you get your Pokémon of the day in Slack!

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