Administrator Settings

In the Integration Hub, click on the ‘Settings’ link in the sidebar to access the following tabs:

Note: Partner users will only see the Company, Users, and Source Control tabs. Pandium Lite accounts won't see tabs related to partners (e.g., Integration Form and Partner Form tabs).

Below is an explanation of what each tab in this area entails.


Under the Company tab, you can set the primary administrator for your account, and you also have the option to set logos that will display to your partners in their Integration Hub experience.

If using marketplace features, you can also set the base URL, which is the URL of the iframe where you've installed the In-App Marketplace.


This tab shows all users associated with your Pandium Integration Hub, including their role and organization. If you have a partner organization, partner users are also displayed and managed here.


In the Notifications tab, you can toggle various events to trigger email notifications. The primary contact under the 'Company' tab will always be notified of those events, regardless of the emails entered here.

Integration Form

Here, you have the option to set custom questions for partners to answer during their integration creation process before submitting it for approval. Partners will see this at the end of an integration creation process.

This form is shown for every integration that is created for a given partner, so specific information can be collected per integration. You can view these answers in the Configure area of the Integration Detail page.

Partner Form

This is similar to the Integration Form, but partners will only need to fill this form out once. The Partner Form you create here is what invited partners see upon initial login to Pandium but before accessing the Integration Hub.

Learn more about the Partner Form here.

Source Control

Source Control is an integration between Pandium and your chosen code repository.

Source Control is automatically deployed to your account, but in order to use it, you will need to login to your repository from this page. Learn more about setting up Source Control here.

API Access

Here, API keys can be generated by Pandium for certain tasks, including kicking off runs from outside Pandium. Learn more about the Pandium API here.

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