App Installation Options

App Installation Options

Once an integration is created using Pandium, there are several ways to surface it to users for installation.

One option is to showcase the integration to all users via Pandium's In-App Marketplace. Here users can discover, install and manage their integration configurations and sync schedules independently.

Pandium also offers installation options that are suitable for testing and feedback on in-development or closed beta integrations.

For situations where it’s necessary to send an authentication link to users without using the marketplace, Pandium offers both a Live Link and Magic Link feature in the Integration Hub.

Live Link is designed for Pandium customers who use the In-App Marketplace and wish to direct users straight to an integration hosted on Pandium–even if that app is not published to the marketplace.

Auth Link is tailored for situations using OAuth authentication flows or similar. Here, the user connecting a tenant must enter private credentials before the connection is successful.

This method bypasses the use of Pandium's In-App Marketplace, allowing users to enter their credentials directly.

Once this link is sent to users, they are taken directly to the authentication process. If this process needs intermediary pages, Pandium can help set this up.

How to Use the In-App Marketplace

If your In-App Marketplace is already set up, and you're looking to publish integrations to users, you have two ways to do it. First, while creating an integration, you can navigate to 'Marketplace Setup.'

Alternatively, you can access an integration's marketplace settings at any time by clicking on 'Details' of the integration within the 'Integrations' tab of the Integration Hub.

Within the 'Marketplace Setup' you can choose whether to have the integration published to your marketplace by toggling this setting on or off.

Once published, users can discover the integration in the In-App Marketplace and install.

To use Live Link, first ensure your In-App Marketplace is set up. Then, go to your Integration Hub and check that you have saved the base URL for your marketplace by going to 'Settings' in the left menu bar under the 'Company' tab.

Once you have this base URL setup and the marketplace established, Pandium will append a custom URL to the end of any integrations you have in Pandium.

Within the “Integrations” resource in the Integration Hub, navigate to the integration you want to grab the Live Link for.

On the integration tile, click the three dots in the bottom right, and then click “Live Link.”

Here, you can view and copy this link, and send this to your users, where they will be navigated to the particular app page within your marketplace, even if the integration is unpublished and not publicly viewable.

From here, installation progresses as normal for your user.

By sending an Auth Link to your customers, they are able to directly authenticate a connector without the need to share credentials to you or logging into the Integration Hub.

To use the Auth Link feature to surface an integration to an end-user, you must first create a Tenant in the Integration Hub. If you're not sure what a Tenant is, see our reference here.

Once a Tenant is created, it can be accessed by going to the “Tenants” resource in the left menu bar in the Integration Hub.

Once on the “Tenants” page, click the Tenant you want to create a Auth Link for to see its details. Click “Connect” or “Reconnect” under the Connector for the integration you want to allow your user to authenticate to.

Then, click “Generate Customer Link” in the pop up window to access the Auth Link.

If an Auth Link is not currently available for your needed connector, reach out to your Technical Account Manager.

Send this link to your end-user or and they will go through the authentication process on their end.

Once your user has successfully authenticated, Pandium will consider them connected, and you will see this reflected under their “Connector Status” within the “Tenant Details” page by a green check.

Auth-Only Connections

If creating your own Marketplace using our more streamlined Auth Dialog process, authentication is defined directly within the JWT. To learn more about how this process works, check out the specific article here.

Note: These features are not included in the Pandium Lite offering.

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