Run updated Normal Sync on the Tenant

Your pokemonSync flow uses the new configs to determine the Pokémon of the Day and its recipient. Let's run a normal sync for the tenant to ensure it all works correctly.

Before you can try out your new normal sync you will need to put your tenant on a new release based on your new code. To do that follow all the steps in Check the Customized Connection Settings Page.

  1. Once your tenant is on that new release, navigate to your integration's tenant by clicking Integrations from the side bar > the Unpublished tab > the card for your Pokémon of the Day integration > the Tenants tab > the row for your tenant.

  1. Click the arrow on Sync Now > Normal Sync. This will kick off a normal sync for your tenant.

Before the run is complete you should get a Slack message because you are the user selected in the Connections Settings. The Pokémon of the Day in the message should be of the type selected in the Connections Settings.

With this enhancement the Pokémon Trainer Academy's integration user experience administrator can start setting up tenants customized to each of their trainer's Pokémon education needs!

Great work!

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