Inviting Partners

Within the Pandium Admin Dashboard, navigate to the "Partners" resource. Here, you can efficiently manage and create partner organizations, and access details about their corresponding users, integrations, and tenants.

To create a new partner organization, you have two options in the top right: Create and Invite.

Each option leads to the partner creation screen, where you input details about the partner organization, including the primary contact’s name and email address. Once saved, the newly-added partner will receive an email prompting them to log in to Pandium and update their password.

Create option:

  • New partners created with the "Create" button are automatically approved upon creation, ready to submit integrations as soon as they complete their login steps.

  • Partners created with the "Invite" option are in a pending status, unable to log in or create integrations. After updating their password, the partner will see the Partner Form. Once the form is successfully submitted, the partner status automatically changes to approved, and the partner can log in to Pandium and submit integrations as usual.

  • Upon partner creation, the primary contact for the account receives an email notification. All partners can be viewed and managed together within the Partner page.

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