Environment Variables

Environment variables within Pandium allow for the formatting of configs and secrets, and allow a simple way to manage and utilize various options in your integration. Typical environment variables will be prefixed with 'PAN_CTX', which would be a normal environment variable stored within Context (StdOut), with 'PAN_CFG' for configuration-related variables, and 'PAN_SEC' for secret-related variables.

Here is an example of accessing the PAN_CTX_LAST_SUCESSFUL_RUN_STDOUTenvironment variable in various languages.



These are the values that the user has entered into the connection settings form defined in the PANDIUM.yaml. These variables are prefixed withPAN_CFG_

If you have run a sync on a tenant, you can see how these variables are named and configured in a given log for a run.


Secrets are the information needed to securely access the APIs used by an integration. Depending on the type of authentication used, it might be an API Key, OAuth2 Token, etc., and are injected into the script environment prefixed by PAN_SEC_

These secrets can be accessed via your logs in the Integration Hub, and also seen by clicking the 'Show Secret Keys' button on a given connector within the Provisioning page - accessible through the Integration Detail page, which will show you a preview of what the connector secret format for that particular connector should look like.

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