Managing External Integrations

What are External Integrations?

External Integrations in Pandium differ from Internal Integrations because they’re designed for creating integrations for pre-existing and third-party integrations.

This is most relevant when embedding a marketplace and wanting marketing-focused tiles without any installation capabilities, wanting Pandium to show what pre-existing non-Pandium integrations are installed, or highlighting 3rd-party integrations.

External integrations are also useful to allow your partners to create app tiles that don’t require advanced configuration setup. This is also particularly useful for the Public Gallery, where tiles can be made purely with marketing content if desired.

Managing External Integration

After creating an external integration, you will land on the main integration detail page where you can view and manage the integration.

External integrations are simple to update. Clicking ‘Configure’ on the top right of the integration detail page will bring you to the external integration edit page, where you are able to change the target URL, name, and how the app appears when clicked.

You also have control over various theming options, which can be accessed by clicking 'Marketplace Settings' on the top right of the integration detail page.

This page shows various options for editing the content, copy, and media that displays on your user-facing integration tile. Learn more about the various settings here.

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