Managing Users

How to Manage Integration Hub Users

Currently, there is only one level of users in Pandium’s Integration Hub, with the exception of partners. All users added to Pandium will be able to create and edit integrations, create and delete tenants, and change marketplace settings.

To add new users and view, delete, or reset passwords for any other users, navigate to 'Settings' in the navigation sidebar of the Integration Hub and then “Users.”

The only user who can not be deleted is the user designated as the primary administrator for your organization.

When adding a new user, the new user will receive an email from Pandium, prompting them to create a new password.

In-App Marketplace Users

Users using the In-App Marketplace do not need to be manually created. Rather, when the marketplace is created and embedded within a SaaS tool, a JSON Web Token (JWT) is created and configured as part of the embedding.

This JWT will contain a unique identifier, specific to the SaaS, that will tell Pandium what integration end-user is utilizing the marketplace.

This is how Pandium knows what integrations to show as installed and what integrations to list as available. Directions for configuring the JWT for specific groups or classes of users can be found here.

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