Public Gallery

Pandium's Public Gallery is a highly customizable marketplace offering additional options, such as lead generation forms, improved SEO, and additional white-labeling features. It provides all the tools you need to build a directory of your technology partners and seamlessly embed it on your marketing site.

In the Gallery tab, you'll find customization options tailored to the gallery marketplace, if enabled with Pandium. You can set the tab title, add optional banners, and create headers and footers, all easily customizable directly with HTML and CSS in the admin dash. Pandium also allows you to embed custom HubSpot forms directly into marketplace tiles.

This section contains generic Gallery settings, currently including only the page title, which appears on the browser tab of your Gallery page.

Hero Banner Configuration

The Hero Banner is content displayed at the top of your Gallery page. Pandium enables extensive customization using custom HTML and CSS. Enabling this setting reveals two text fields and a component uploader. The first field is for inputting the HTML of your banner configuration, while the second is for holding the CSS of the banner. The Hero Image upload component allows you to directly upload an image for use within the Hero Banner configuration.

The Hero Footer Configuration is used to set up a banner on the lower part of the body of the page. The Hero Footer acts much the same as the Hero Banner - toggling this setting reveals two fields where custom HTML and CSS can be input to edit this banner.

HubSpot Form

Pandium offers the ability to embed your custom HubSpot form directly into the marketplace integration detail pages. Here, you'll input a heading, which is the CTA text the form will display. You'll need a Portal ID and Form ID from HubSpot, and then you'll see another field where you can input your CSS to customize how this form looks on the page.

We also allow for embedding of certain tags within the form, which can be used to auto-populate contact information in HubSpot when setup.

Note: The In-App Marketplace and related features are not included in the Pandium Lite offering.

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