The Pandium Platform

Pandium’s allows SaaS businesses to offer scalable, high-volume native integrations to their customers while Pandium manages the technical elements like authentication, hosting, and logging.

Streamlined Development Process

The platform’s Integration Hub not only manages the foundational infrastructure and repetitive processes necessary for building, maintaining, and supporting user-facing integrations, but also alleviates the burden on developers by eliminating the need to handle authentication every time an integration is deployed to a customer.

Plus, once an integration to a particular system is set up in Pandium, there's no need to start from scratch for every new user or customer who wants that integration. This makes deploying to new users and updating integrations faster.

Automated Building and Versioning

Pandium’s Integration Hub and pre-built authentication connectors enable developers to create highly configurable and reusable integrations using the tools already in their tech stack. The platform is compatible with all major repositories, including GitHub, Gitlab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket.

Developers code the business logic to craft integration configurations and sync options for integrations in any common language. They then connect their repository to Pandium where building, releasing, and versioning is automated.

Learn more about our platform structure here.

Efficiency Through Reusability

Once Pandium has used the connection to an integration's remote repository to access its code, end users will be able to install the integration. When they do, the Pandium UI will present them with sync and configuration options.

Developers (or non-technical teams) can specify what flows or integration versions to deploy to users and reuse these connectors, versions, and configurations in Pandium to launch future integrations faster.

To learn more about how to build an integration using Pandium, check out our Quick Start Guide.

Add-On Products

The Pandium platform also offers optional add-ons products to support B2B integration go-to-market strategies and technology partnerships.

Including an embeddable In-App Marketplace where end users can download integrations, manage configurations, schedule syncs, and monitor their installed integrations via a white-labeled, self-serve dashboard.

Pandium also offers a fully customizable Public Gallery to showcase integrations and partners on their website. The Public Gallery is fully optimized for SEO and lead capture.

Both the In-App Marketplace and Gallery offer collaboration features for partners. Partners can join the Pandium platform through invitations or be manually added by admins (i.e. Pandium customers).

Once in, partners can submit integrations, marketing materials, and details for their integration listing on the In-App Marketplace and Gallery for feedback and approval.

Professional services through our Integration Team are also available. This is a group of expert integration engineers with over 40+ years of experience across use cases and industries.

These engineers act as an extension of your team and quickly become experts in your specific API(s) and integration use cases.

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