Users of Pandium

Platform User

A Pandium platform user is an employee of a B2B software company that has access to the Integration Hub part of the platform. This user may be a customer success rep, partnership manager, product manager and/or marketer. Platform users troubleshoot, configure, and onboard end-customers to new integrations. A platform user may also run reports, monitor behavior, or set up marketplaces or marketing content.

Engineering User

A Pandium engineering user is the software developer who is building integrations that run on the platform. An engineering user may be an employee of your customer, a partner's engineer, a third-party developer like a development agency, or a member of Pandium's professional service team. Engineering users typically provision new integrations and then perform development locally. From there, an engineering user's interaction with the platform is typically related to version management, testing, and troubleshooting.

Partner User

A partner user is a third-party user that is submitting integrations to our customer. Often a partner user is another SaaS company that wishes to be listed in your Pandium-powered marketplace; however, a partner user could also be a development or marketing agency. Partner users can submit marketing content and/or apps for approval and publication in your first-party marketplace, and can also see tenants and activity associated with integrations they own. Partners are invited by Pandium users and access can be revoked at any time.

Customer End User

An end-customer user is the business user that is the customer of Pandium's customer. End-customers are often referred to as tenants, and they are the ultimate consumers of apps running on Pandium. End-users typically do not know that Pandium exists but interact with the platform through a white-labeled UI that is hosted by Pandium, living inside your application. End-customers authenticate into connected systems and manage their own configuration options as specified by the engineering user of the platform.

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