Integration Form

What is the Integration Form?

The Integration Form is similar to the Partner Form but is tailored to your partners and specifically pertains to their submitted integrations. When this form is set up, it will show at the end of every integration submission by your partner, requiring them to answer any questions that have been included by a Pandium administrator.

This form is associated with each integration submitted by a partner, facilitating the collection of distinct answers for each integration. This feature is valuable for gathering additional information related to partner integrations. The responses to these questions are stored on each integration within its Configuration page.

Difference Between Integration Form and Partner Form

The Partner Form is a one-time submission that invited partners must complete. In contrast, the Integration Form serves as a per-integration form, allowing different responses and more targeted questions specific to each integration being submitted.

Using the Integration Form

The Integration Form can be found within the Settings resource on the sidebar, in it’s own tab, next to the Partner Form.

Here, you can click ‘+Add Field’ to add additional fields as desired. Much like the Partner Form, there are two distinct options: Text Input or Terms and Conditions.

For Text Input, you can input a custom question into the Custom Field area, where a description of the question can be optionally added. You also have the choice to set a question as required or not.

The Terms and Conditions option requires entering a URL into the box. Your partners can read the terms, check, and confirm that they have read these Terms before submitting their integration.

Once a partner creates and submits an integration, and if an Integration Form is set up, the answers will be visible in the Configure section of the integration.

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