Write the Integration in Typescript

Beginning with the starter files created by Pandium, you will now write your Pokémon of the day integration and get it working locally!

Since you just pulled Pandium's initial commit your new integration folder should have a the following file structure:

├── src
  └── index.ts
  └── lib.ts
└── package.json
└── PANDIUM.yaml
└── tsconfig.json

Start by replacing the pre-filled generic information with something that fits our project.

  1. In the package.json change the name from test-integration to pokemon-of-the-day.

You may notice the start command is node/build/src and doesn't mention ts-node. That's because this TypeScript integration is a module. You can read more about TypeScript Modules if you haven't written one before, but for our integration's purposes it means:

  • You will need to do run npm build before any code changes you've made will take effect.

  • Your imports will need to reference .js files.

  1. Run npm install && npm run build. This should add the node_modules and build folders to your root directory.

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