Managing Partners

Profiles and Users

To manage your Partners within the Pandium Integration Hub, go to the Partners resource on the sidebar. Here you can manage partner organizations and view additional details about them.

Click on any partner listing to view relevant details about that partner, including users, integrations, tenants, activity, and profile. The profile section is where answers to the Partner Integration Form are stored for reference if this feature was used.

You can add additional users to a partner organization by clicking the "Add User" button and completing the required information. Invited users will receive the standard welcome email with login instructions.

If adjustments are needed for the primary contact or logos for a partner organization, simply click "Edit Partner" in the top right to do so.

Partner Integrations

When partners submit integrations for review, the primary contact for the main Pandium account will receive an email notification. The submitted integration will appear in the "In Review" tab within the main Integrations page. Here, you can view the details of the submitted integrations, including answers to any custom and/or required questions.

Clicking through the integration information will show general integration details and provide the option to add relevant marketing material. You can also provide feedback on any given page. In the Configure area of the integration, you may find any form answers if applicable.

If feedback is provided and your partner edits and resubmits the integration, it will once again appear as requiring review in the "In Review" tab. The feedback cycle can be used as many times as needed until fully approved.

Once the integration is ready to be approved, click "Publish," and the integration will move into your "Published" tab in Integrations, marked with a partner flag for visibility. The integration can be viewed and edited like the other published integrations, and partners will also see the integration move into their "Published" tab. Partners will also be notified via email that their integration was approved.

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