Administrator Settings

Various administration settings within the Pandium dashboard. Here, you'll make changes that will apply across your organization.
Within the Pandium Admin Dashboard on the sidebar will see a resource called Settings.


Under the 'Company' tab, you can manage several organization level settings including company information, primary administrators, and company logos.


This tab shows all users associated with your Pandium account, along with relevant information including their role and organization.


The Notifications tab is where you can toggle various events to send out email notifications via our built-in service. Multiple emails can be entered into the fields, and the specific options can be toggled on or off.
Many events within Pandium are configured to send email notifications, but if you have suggestions for more potential triggers, feel free to contact us via the 'Request a Feature!' button in the lower right of your dash.
The primary contact under the 'Company' tab will always be notified

Integration Form

Here, you have the opportunity to set custom and/or required questions for your partners to answer before entering the approval flow. Your partners will see this at the end of their integration creation process.

Partner Form

On this tab, you have the ability to set up a partner form, that any invited Partners will see after their initial login to Pandium, but before getting directed to their Admin Dash. You can also set required questions here, including the option to set a requirement to accept Terms & Conditions by pasting a URL to a page you have hosting them. Once your partner checks the box confirming they have read them (if the option is set as required), they can submit their answers, which will appear under the Profile tab in the Partners resource.