Pandium's marketplace views are white-labeled, Pandium-hosted experiences that enable your customers and prospects to discover and install new apps from within your application or from within the app stores of your partners.
1st-Party Marketplace: this is the Marketplace experience that lives within your application. It is rendered and hosted by Pandium and is embedded into your application behind the your customer's log-in. This theme is styled by your team and is highly configurable all while not requiring any front-end engineering. Content such as images, links, and copy can all be posted and updated by a non-engineer. The marketplace functions as both the catalog of available apps (whether they are hosted on Pandium or not) as well as the dashboard for your customers to install and configure their apps.
External Marketplaces: these views are also primarily used by your end-users, however the app installation process originates from within the app marketplace of one of your partners, like Wix or Shopify. External apps are often used as a lead generation tool since they typically exist in the marketplaces of large companies with a robust customer base.
The development of apps that live in either or both Marketplaces is the same, and apps can be built by your engineers or submitted for publication by either your partners or a third-party developer.
Pandium also offers the Gallery Marketplace, which functions as a dedicated marketing site - allowing you to showcase both yours, and partner integrations on a public page. This marketplace has branding options, including customizable headers and footers, banners, buttons, and embeddable HubSpot forms. More coming soon to the Gallery, and if you'r curious how this could work for you, contact [email protected]