Creating a Tenant on the Admin Dashboard
    Navigate to the 'Tenants' resource within the Admin Dashboard and hit "CREATE"
    Select your preferred integration from the dropdown list
    Select your release from the dropdown list
    Add the username (email address or another unique identifier) for the tenant and move on to the next screen
    Connect to the SaaS systems required for the integration and move on to the next screen
      Please note, that upon hitting 'Connect', a pop-up with a URL will appear. Here you are able to copy the link so you can send this secure authentication link to your end-users, if needed.
    Select your Configuration settings from those shown for your integration and move onto the next screen.
      Please note, that your integration may include dynamic configurations. If this is the case, you will not be able to select these options until you finish creating the tenant and run an init sync.
    To begin configuring your sync schedule, select your schedule type: simple or advanced
    To configure a simple schedule, simply select a sync timeframe from the options listed. To configure an advanced schedule, you will have to write a cron schedule expression. For assistance with this, you can use Crontab Guru.
    Lastly, decide whether you would like to have your tenant paused or whether you would like it to begin running right away and then hit Save!
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