Site Metrics

Within the Pandium Admin Dashboard, you will see a resource called Site Metrics. Here is where you will be able to analyze specific metrics for your integrations whether you have our in-app marketplace, or your own external one.
Using only the Pandium marketplace and not the Pandium platform, you will still have the ability to track activity around your integration tiles including the number of views, bounce rate, and average visit time. You can also filter by customizable date ranges, and click into further details.
If you subscribe to the Pandium platform in addition to the in-app marketplace, you will get much more granular metrics including unique visitors vs page views, device and browser information, and the ability to filter by specific pages and individual users.
You will also have access to specific event tracking for each integration depending on your configuration. Each event is broken down by which user performed the action.
Events will only show in the submenu if there are relevant entries
You can click on each of these events to go further into the tenant details:
  • View - Shows the views of an individual tenant
  • Delete - Shows when a tenant has been deleted
  • Sync - Shows all successful syncs
  • Connect - Shows when the connectors have successfully authenticated
  • Disconnect - Shows when a user disconnects the connector
  • Schedule - Shows when a scheduling change occurred
  • Configure - Shows when a configuration change occurred
  • Install - Shows when an integration has been successfully installed