Bitbucket is a Git based code hosting and collaboration tool, built for teams. It gives you a central place to manage git repositories, collaborate on your source code and guide you through the development flow.
Pandium leverages a Bitbucket integration to enable direct access to your repo so that you can fully utilize the CI/CD process natively built into Pandium.

Provisioning Bitbucket Source Control Integration

Before any integrations can be built, the source control tenant needs to be setup. To do that, select the source Bitbucket control tenant and connect it to the Bitbucket account that will contain all the source code of the integrations. When connecting the Bitbucket connector for the first time it'll ask you to get permissions to access your organization. If you don't authorize it, the source control tenant will not work properly. When the tenant has been successfully connected, a green check mark will appear next to it.