Partner Guides
As a partner to an organization using Pandium, you are able to create & maintain integrations directly within their Pandium Admin Dashboard. Additionally, you are able to submit your integration and associated marketing content for review all from within Pandium.
After your integration has been approved (which may include custom and/or required questions by the organization you are a part of), you will be able to create new tenants on behalf of your customers. Further, you are able to manage and maintain all tenants associated with your integration moving forward, thus making it easier than ever to support your shared customers.
Partner view of sample required questions
If the integration you submit to the organization requires feedback, you will see the feedback above your tabs at the top of the page when viewing your integration details, as well as a "Requires Review" tag on the integration under the Pending tab in your integrations. When viewing your integration details, you will be able to correct any changes your organization may have requested, and resubmit as needed.
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